Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Dad

My dad is awesome. He is one of the most jovial and fun-loving people I know. He is incredibly supportive of my choices and sincerely wants the best for me.

We are spending the week together in Santa Cruz, California. We always have a blast. Every morning we get up and get a coffee at Pete's. He gets a large and I get a small. We like our coffee the same--half and half and two raw sugars. Mine is obviously sweeter because it's a smaller cup.

Coffees in hand we walk down the beach. I am continually bending over, picking up rocks and sand dollars. We talk about life and God. Sometimes he tells me stories of his past, some funny and some bittersweet. He asks me about my dreams. Today he asked me if I am one of those girls that has dreamed about her wedding since I was little. I told him that there are specific things that I would like, but I don't have a binder of magazines clippings and pictures of dresses...I don't even a Pinterest board related to my dream wedding.

He is not afraid of my feminineness--the emotional, nurturing parts of me. He is also not afraid of the deep places that I can tend to go. He is rational when I am sliding into the cerebral construct that I can get stuck in. He tries his best to understand my pain. He tries his best to love me when I am pushing people away. He tries his best to stay excited with me when my mind is lighting up with ideas and dreams.

We haven't always got along and sometimes we still don't, but generally we are on the same page. I There is some buried resentment for expectations that weren't met, but I am definitely not as angry as
I used to me.

I think he has adored me since I was born. He shares his memories of swinging me back and forth when I was a colicky infant. He would walk up and down the stairs until I stopped crying and fell asleep. He took me on walks everyday and often would take me to a local park with a petting zoo.

He is so good to me. I enjoy his company. Even if we are simply sitting in the car talking or going to the grocery store it's like being with a friend.

My dad is one of the most hard-working people I know. He is a provider and caretaker. He has a sensitive heart and makes it a point to apologize when he gets upset with someone.

So thanks, Dad. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for seeing the best in me. Thank you for your kindness and understanding. I look forward to many more grocery store runs, hors d'oeuvre dinners, moscato toasts, and walks on the beach.

Love you.

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Gabrielle said...

Crying here, i love your dad too, one of my favorite people for sure!!