Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's in God's Hands

Sometimes people come into our lives that we can only pray for. It is not “only” prayer- it is a chance to see God move in mighty ways. We think that if we can’t tangibly do something for someone our hands are tied. Hands clasped in prayer are one of the greatest gifts we can give to a friend. I have the tendency to worry a lot about the people in my life. Peoples’ pain makes a great impact on my own heart.

I tend to think the worst about every situation. Any sign of depression means sudden suicide. A sore throat just has to be cancer. A harsh fight between a married couple will definitely end in divorce. I don’t know if suspecting impending doom is part of my personality or if it has stemmed from my upbringing. Life in my house was filled with drama and instability, which developed the habit of distressing over everything. But God desires our trust, and He will guide us to walk in a deeper faith with Him. Even if the fiber of who we are was weaved with anxiety, God will stitch threads of hope into our being.

We might not be able to say the right thing, or offer the perfect remedy for a troubled heart, but God can. God knows each of our friends and family members in a deeply personal way. He can see into the depths of their souls, and give them deliverance. Ask God to give you the longing to lift up your friends and family in prayer. Love never fails. It never fails to shower someone with the love of Christ. But only God has the ability to rescue someone from the struggle of pain and sin. His power can work through us if we give up the need to control. Jesus Christ is our only Savior.

To all my friends out there struggling, I want you to know that I’m praying for you. God has you right in the palm of His hand. He will never let go. Hang in there.

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