TV in the Trunk

I've had it. I put my television in the trunk of my car. I only get two channels: PBS in black and white and NBC through a snowstorm. I turned the TV on just to hear some noise, but I ended up getting sucked into Entertainment Tonight or the News Hour.

There is nothing wrong with being informed on current events in our nation and world, but 3 hours is enough. I'm too connected to my newscasters when I know when Brian Williams has a cold or if he's parting his hair different. I think I know every local Twin Falls furniture store jingle. I don't even watch Dancing with the Stars, but I can tell you who won the night before. Before I know it, 2 1/2 hours have gone by and I've done absolutely nothing.

I'm hoping this experiment will spark new creativity and more connection with real, tangible human beings. It really isn't benefiting me to know nasty details of the lives of celebrities. Goodbye Brittney.

So for now, my little telly , is camping out in the car.


that's awesome! i haven't had a tv all year because i live in dorms and i don't miss it at all. well, ok i miss british comedies on pbs, but that's about it.
Becaroo said…
I love it Andreal. You have such a genuine and sincere heart! Saying goodbye to a TV can be tough. I should try that sometime with my computer... Man that would be hard!

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