Saturday, May 10, 2008


What is all this stuff? I packed up my little apartment this week, and I realized that I have collected so much stuff. Most of the labels on the boxes actually say "Random Junk." That's really going to help me when I go to unpack them, Oh well.

When I scanned over the massive pile of cardboard boxes, I thought, "why am I moving junk from one place to another?"

Do I really every puppet team name tag, the back of rocks I collected camping, or greasy, grimy takeout bags from England?

I think not.

But there are good memories connected to all this stuff.

Will you really miss it if it's gone?

My kids will want to see this stuff someday.

Alright, enough of my internal dialogue... As for now this stuff...

junk...artifacts from my life...

whatever you want to call it...

It is awaiting my return in the time capsule of a cardboard box.

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Melanie said...

Hey Andrielle, I read a thing somewhere online about this very subject. People are romantic. They like to have artifacts to remind them about life; but they can start taking up a lot of space. An idea: photograph the special things and them make a cool book out of the photos with thoughts and nostalgic memories. It's like a special stuff scrapbook. It could help with the clutter :)