Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I love to come to this still place,
Where deeper peace is always found,
To kneel as though on holy ground,
And feel my Master face to face.

I do not know how I could live
If there were not this refuge sweet,
Where I can linger at His feet,
And He to me sweet healing give.

But He will only let me stay
Until His peace has lifted me
Up where the dying world I see;
And then He sweetly bids, "Away!"

And I have found, if I would keep
His presence with me all day through,
That I must learn His will to do,
And His harvest field to reap.

O Christ, Thou Lover of all men,
Thou unseen Presence ever near,
Create within me ears to hear,
And grant me eyes that see. Amen.
::Ralph Spaulding Cushman::

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