Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet Maggie


Just a few bits of awesomeness about this dear soul...

:: she eats about as much fruit as I do

:: she is grounded in herself and her faith

:: she has the ability to see deep and feel deep

:: she is rarely stressed out...just rolls with the punches

:: she's a thrift store buddy

:: enjoys a good cuppa Joe

:: she eats my experiments

:: she loves Jesus wholly

:: she's tracks with my summer squash on-the-fly storytelling

:: she makes up hilarious, witty sayings

:: she searches out the heart, doesn't just take people at first glance

:: she laughs long and hard and often

:: she is a dedicated friend

...there's so much more I could say, but I'm so glad I know this girl.


Genevra (Jenni) Vanhoozer said...

awww, i love all you jesus people :)

Gabrielle Krake - Shop Wise Bags said...

Nice to meet you Maggie, and I'm glad you are a friend of Andrefel!!!!

Love Gabe