Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happiness Happens...

:: when drinking fresh milk that comes in a glass bottle.
:: when you are blessed with free pumpkins after a cross-town search.

:: while viewing an amazing sunset.
:: when you watch 2 heartwarming movies back to back.

:: after a autumn walk in red shoes.
:: when you reconnect with an old friend, and it seems like yesterday.

:: when a leaf lands on your jeans.
:: after seeing teeny-tiny bananas in the market.
:: when your brothers drive 150 miles just to say hi.

:: while wearing a stripy, bright, colorful, wool sweater.
What about you?


Melanie said...

:: when I am drinking coffee in the quiet of the morning :: when I am close to my man :: when I am kissing my babies cheeks :: when both bathrooms are clean :: when I make people smile

Gabrielle Krake said...
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Gabrielle Krake said...

Hearing my children laugh... Seeing my husband smile... Reading my favorite book for the umpteenth time... drinking the perfectly sweetened coffee... Feeling God's breath in the Fall air... finally getting resolution to a design conundrum... finding the perfect pair of shoes and not buying them :)

Genevra (Jenni) Vanhoozer said...

ahhh! i miss drinking that milk! yay cloverleaf creamery. lol, wow that was random. i'm so glad you're from idaho :)
lucky, you guys get to experience fall right now :)