Sunday, January 4, 2009

Realizing Redemption

I had the opportunity to attend a conference on world missions last week. It was incredible. Thousands of college students and missionaries gathered to share in the work God is doing all across the world.

What struck me the most was seeing how God is using peoples' unique gifts and passions to reach the lost and hurting all across the world. There are opportunities to serve in so many different areas.

One ministry in particular really caught my attention: Rescue Arts. I didn't get a chance to meet this missionary in person, but her ministry is truly inspiring. She reaches out to women and girls that have been sold into sexual slavery in India. Not only are these women given a safe place to live and a chance at education and vocational training, but they are shown the love of Christ in a deep and personal way.

God has used creativity and artistic expression in my own life to bring healing and restoration to the deepest parts of my heart. I have never experienced the depth of pain that many people experience on a daily basis, but I have walked my own valleys of fear and doubt and heartache. God's has been continually faithful to carry me through these times and to bring me into a closer walk with Him. 

Whether it is paint on a canvas, scraps of cloth sewn together, or chords plucked out on a guitar, God WORKS through art. It is a deep language of beauty and depth.

I have a new outpouring of inspiration to use creativity, to tap into the soul-songs that resonate beyond myself. I guess you could say that I have resolution of sorts for 2009 to not sit stagnant. I don't want to fill my mind with meaningless hours of endless media (i.e. refreshing Facebook repeatedly to see if anyone has commented about me...sad, i know). I am ready to redeem the time I've been given to create and unlock the deeper visions of my heart.


Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...

Here's to finding your keys. Approaching life as if its your own special creation each day, fine idea.

Gabrielle said...

That is beautiful! Truly! I need one of your pieces in my house! Maybe we can trade!! Love you!

Andreal said...

we could work something out, Gabrolle!