Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Second Glances


Even when the pieces are broken

Even when the ends are tattered,

Fragile and frail

Even when the pieces are shattered…scattered

You are there.

You are complete.

Heal me, rebuild me.

Mold me, melt the ice, refine the silver.

I want Your reflection to be seen in me.

Even when I hide,

Even I run and escape,

You are there…waiting.

Even when I fall,

You are there…there to catch me, carry me.

Fix my eyes heavenward

I want to see your beauty.

Give me courage to let go…to let go of the weights

That pull me down

Overcome the fear I’m afraid to give up.

I want to know new things…beautiful things.

Let me discover Your joy and Your perfect peace

Give a new heart

I want to love and accept love.

Open my eyes…lead me.


cindy said...


Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...

You have a very calming effect on me and the Lord knows I need calm and stillness.

Gabrielle said...

wow, what a glorifying poem, praise God!