Wednesday, January 21, 2009



I've missed blogging. Why I haven't been consistent, I don't know. I haven't been consistent in my pursuit of God lately either. Just sort of going through the motions.

I am so grateful that even in my inconsistency, God always remains consistent. He loves me through it all. Everything. Wow. He remains steadfast through my doubting and insecurity.

How fast I can be blinded by fear! I forget my purpose, and old patterns and habits creep back into my life. But His mercies are new EVERY morning.

I found this excerpt very poignant in the Morning by Morning devotional by Spurgeon:

Go on seeking, for it is dangerous to be without your Lord. 
Without Christ, you are like a sheep without its shepherd;
like a tree without water at its roots; 
like a withered leaf in a tempest--not bound to the tree that gives it life.
Seek Him with your whole heart, and He will be found by you.
Give yourself thoroughly to the search, and truly, to your joy and gladness, you will yet discover Him.


J said...

This is just what I needed this morning to spur me on!!! After reading your post, my blurry eyes cleared and I took a huge leap into my bible. What an encouragement. Thank you Andreal.

Gabrielle said...

It's all good, inconsistency teaches you how to find a balance. Keep it up!! Love the picture!

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

Yes continue to seek. God is always merciful ready to renew and allow you to try again and again.