Saturday, March 21, 2009

The melody of my existence at the moment seems staccato-like, detached and separated.
It's a strange place. 
But God is consistent.
Even when I feel "off" He is always TRUE...
I am learning to place my hand in His, trusting Him to guide me...
to guide me through the "slough of despond*"
leading me into the openness of grace
But even now His grace is never ceases. No darkness can overwhelm it. No waves can swallow it.
My choice is to accept it, to not fight this AMAZING gift. I have a decision to stand fast to His promises, or slowly chip away at them. When I run to fear instead, I just descend deeper into the slough. I cover my own eyes to the light of His mercy.
But I want to live in Him. I want to see His grace with my eyes wide open.

*(Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan)


Gabrielle said...

What a glorious inspiration to go to sleep by, thank you!!

Gabrielle said...

You went private, whats going on?